something is missing

After 2 months I am here, I want to evaluate myself in term of characteristic. I consider the first and half of second month are okay. But I have problem from last week, since I know my dearest was sick. At that time I was not be able to concentrate on anything. Study, lecture, friends, even my best weekend ever: DIS & GLOW Eindhoven. I was not 100 % presence at that time. Because my thoughts and worries were concentrating to my dearest. But, thank GOD, now he is fine. Alhamdulillah. I fell the same way again :)

What is missing is my dearest’s companion to get through the nights. We used to chat for 1 hour every night by phone and 80% of conversation was dominated by me. Hahahahahaaaa… But that how we did for 8 years. And we are getting stronger and stronger by distance. ;)

His motivation, patience, and positivity that I always got after chatting, now, all of that are mostly missing. The distance and time difference only allow us to comunicate by bbm. Now, his presence is what I need most, to bring my joyful feeling back. To return the real me. I know, inner motivation is much bigger, better, and everlasting than outter motivation. But, I bet there isΒ no one who can survive in this world alone. NO ONE. We all need companion.

Not only my dearest, but my parents too. They are the energy that I live. Everyday I also used to call them (or the other way around), just to know how I am, have I taken eat, and so on. We did laugh much too. They always gave me encouragement that I never have. And I miss them too.

Yes, that’s all for now. The book is calling. ;(

I love u mom and dad. I love u dear.


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