“life is magic”

Dad’s email. 7.12.2011

Dik, today I find your hand-writing maps of some countries in Europe
do you remember when you draw or write them?
Its magic that you’re there now and going to go the countries you draw
Life’s beautiful, isn’t it? When you were litle and know nothing about dream and you just draw anything u want. And it turned out to be your future. Can you imagine how my dad’s feeling when he found these pices of homework I made in secondary school? I even can’t. He must be very happy and these maps must touched his heart so deep. He’s a sensitive man. Like me. I am sure, if he can live for another thousands years, he will keep those in a safe place. Just like he keep me everywhere I am. Safe.
I just wanna add this video, cause it reflects my memory when I was home.


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