bad winter

My first experience of winter. I got sick after holiday. Muhuhuhuhu..

Most said it’s because I’m too tired after holiday. Maybe yes, maybe no. Yeah IĀ  felt tired and was not in a good condition, so I was striked by the bactery n virus easily. Whatever. I am sick now. What I want to tell is, how bad to get sick during winter.

Well, I’ll tell u. It’s bad. Very bad.

First, the temperature of 2-6 celcius is not friendly (at all) for your unhealthy body. Just by feeling the cold air or even just by watching outside from window, you will get another ache, headache.

Second, if what you mean by sick is having cold (like mine right now), you won’t stop snizzing!

Third, u can’t go anywhere because u’re afraid ur sick will get worse. Seriously, the situation is not resemble at all from Indonesia, where u are able to go outside to get fresh air. Here, of course u are able to do so, but take your own risk. :p

Forth, I think it takes longer time than usual to recover. HUFFF.. C’mon, I need to fight tomorrow.. Please get recover soon, baby.

That’s all. It’s already worst for me.


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