universe’s conspiring something

The biggest power in the universe is universe itself. By mean God is the One who’s controlling everybody’s universe. It’s obvious when universe say its agreement/objection to my choice although I have no idea when it will last or changed. But I know when universe says “Yes”, I will find many ways to see what universe offered to help me. In the other side, when universe says “No”, I will get stuck in my room with only one candle. A candle that not enough to brighten the room. All I can do is just sit, pray, and wait for universe’s help.

At this level I feel what I’ve achieved are the best for me. But now, I pray it’s not only for me, but for others too. I’ve accomplished some of my ambitious dreams (one is still on going), and now I wanna accomplish me and my destiny’s dreams. I’m tired of running to win my own race. I wanna walk together, enjoy life, and have someone I can lean my life to.

Indeed, running is tiring. *sigh


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