Day 108 Question 108

It took lots of love to forgive

It's a New Day...

Day 108 Question 108:

Are you able to forgive yourself?

This is a strange, wide-open question.  A question that most people wouldn’t really know how to answer.  I chose this question because while meditating I have this surge of thoughts.  Yes, I know, most people believe that when you meditate that you are supposed to be free of all thoughts.  Well thoughts are natural.  You can’t stop them if you wanted to and the harder you try the more you think.  So anyhooooooooooo, I have come to realize that a lot of the time during my meditations I will think about things that haven’t entered my mind in several years.  Today I started to think about myself during the college years.  I thought about how I acted and what kind of person I was.  I have never been a bad person and I had a great time in college but…

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