Ah, finally the mood comes! The mood of writing trashy things. Hehe.. I’ve seen my last writings, they’re all almost about love and desperation. *God help me*. It’s kind of complicated feeling I have now. Oh btw, most of my writing is not from my thought, but my feeling. I have it too much!  

Life has brought me this far, at the point where I don’t expect much from it. Nothing but God’s blessings.

My school is getting tense because of two different works need to be done in one go. And I’m focusing on the small one. Huff.. Small but tough, dude. And when I feel like not working, I try to tidy up my head that everything will go back to Him.

I’m working on thesis proposal and module of cost and benefit analysis. I like them both. Really do. This is the first excitement I have after 7 months and 11 modules! Geessh.. I finally can choose what I want to learn and focus to it. BUUUTT, apparently having them together is not nice. It becomes a negative stress. A lil bit. Just need to organize the time. Work efficiently and effectively. Oh, of course with help of BALANCE LIFE which I’m struggling to reach recently.

Talking bout struggling, yes I have been struggling talking to my head and heart, back and forth, which only makes my nerve easily turn on. In case u’re asking what about? just go through my blog recently. Hahaaa *not funny*

This is why stay calm is important. It avoids u from look crazy~


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