my wishes

I always have wishes since I was kid, can’t remember the details, but I did have somethings I want to have, like university, job, scholarship, travel abroad, soft skills, and a man.

God must love me so much that He granted me of things I want the most in my until now, except the last one. I am still trying to figure it out, who will be the lucky one :)).

For all my wishes, I have some criteria, such as scholarship. I want to get scholarship where I can travel around Europe and study about urban planning. It had been in my dream for 5 years. yes, 5 years.

For soft skills, I wanted to have a skill that can make people life easy and live in well being. Empowering them with knowledge or just an idea of dealing with problems. That is why, I like to listen more than to talk.

For university, I wanted to study at the most credible university in Indonesia.

For job, this is most exciting journey for me. To work in the organization I am working now, is truly blissful life. I knew I want to work in this org since I was Junior High School. I repeat. Junior High School. Yes, with so-I cannot count how-many obstacles I passed, thank God I am here. Working with passion is priceless.

And the last, I knew I want to have a man of life since I was in College. When I had many questions in head. When I felt I knew little and was stupid. Then I always ran to my Dad. Asked him questions. Asked him to fix somethings. He came up with answers, solutions. The way he taught me to be a grown up woman is crystallized in me now. I am now is how my parents shaped me. It is more than I ever asked for.

And I remember how I told him when I was teenage and  stupid “If I have a husband, I want my husband to be like u!”


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