tremendous phase

It is just about my proposal defense. I was trying to cure myself for 3 days after knowing my thesis direction. I should have used those days to have fun though. But I did not. I was trying to find out, where will be the direction of my thesis. Pretty weird, huh? Well, that is me. Sometimes over-worry about something.  But now, I am okay. Not because the direction is clear. But because I accepted it, without resisting any reality.

During those days, there are lovely people who lifted me up. They are my beloved people! You, you, and you. Thank you for supporting me. All your prayers worked!

But now, I am just feeling so so about my thesis. The excitement is on the UK trip! Wohoooo! I will not care about my study for 3 days. After that I will ready to rock on! Hahahaa.. H*ll yeah :) 


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