I know the power of words since I was 15 years old. At that age, I wrote my own novel in a computer, and it reached page 50 something. But I did not take care it well, I lost it. It was my first ever passion in writing and being crystallized. Although I already wrote many things in my room wall, but to have your imaginations written in sequence is different.

There is something in words that attract me. It shows how deep your thought and feeling could be. Even, you let the other thinks different direction without giving them intonation according to your perceptions. To write a poetry is one of my dream. To have a poetry of my own, although only one or two, in a book of a real poet will be great. I am in love with words. I just never have chance until now to learn about writing and poetry. I would like to have my own book (it is my up and down dream). The genre will be love, get up from the sorrow, heal from betrayal, and motivation. I like to inspire people by words, talks, and attitude. Such an ambition? No, that is an obligation. Doesn’t ALLAH tell us to be beneficial for others?


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