First, i’m feeling Allah is trying to open up my heart for what the most essential an matters in the whole world. I was and maybe still am a world-oriented person. Every dream I pursue was just for a sake of self-achievement. But I don’t know when I felt this way, but I did start to feel I have to give all my life, what I do, and everything I have to Allah. Not to myself. Will not further tell you the story but, that is just how I feel. :-)

Second, my parents are the best. They are giving all, ALL, they have to support me.  They just moved to new house, and there is one room, my dad`s working room, that is full of my pictures, since I was teenage until when we were on euro trip. I was touched to realized his huge love towards me. And also my mom. She is now accompanying me for my fieldwork, and when I was busy working I apologized to her that I ignored her, and she said “this is what I can do for you. Accompanying you..” and she broke my heart to tears..

Those are what make my heart full recently. I’m so grateful. Alhamdulillah :-)


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