“You need to feel break, to feel you’re human”

“God has decided your ways. Don’t think. Just follow. Otherwise you will feel like running in a forest and find nothing”

“I know God sent me here for better purpose, so I just wait for the hints. Completely surrender”

“Don’t think. just sleep. God will take care of everything”

You know when you’re shown the way by the people around you who give messages from God. All these statements are fulfilling my heart. They are so relieving and light my heart. Because indeed, God creates you from billion of sperm who win the race to finally meet the ovum. You are the winner. And you must be created for purpose, not just pass this short journey then die. No way that God has put you in this world without direction, no matter how dark it could be for you. Be surrender. Trust Him. Be thankful on what you have and like the prayers say: don’t think, just follow.


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