Hey, I found something

Hehehe it is not a big thing actually. It is just a self-realization on how I love myself.

I am busy being loved by people and that make me forget that I have to love myself more than they do. I don’t know why, but ever since I moved here, I lost my self-caring. Who to blame? My work load of course! :p Joking. But, it could be true either. ANYHOW, couple days ago I went to my best friend room and we had a chat for 3 hours. I love being in her room. Clean, tidy, cozy, and smells really good. We talked and ate grapes accompanied by beautiful music. We were so relax, and the conversation was a deep conversation.

I realize something after went back to my room, that I need to change my way to treat myself. My body, my room, my heart, my mind. I have neglected my inner-self for a year because of the never ending study and relationship thingy. So, two days ago, I did something different. I take care of myself during the night. I lighted up vanilla-scent candle, change the light bulb with the orange color, drank hot tea, and massaged my feet, after that I read Quran. I also turned on the pictures of my family in slideshow with beautiful music as back sound. Just to remind me how blessed I am as a human. Then I slept..

That was the night I woke up without having a nightmare, after 3 days I had it.

Now I know the volume of the words ‘You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world’.



PS. I eat well also lately. It is nice to fall in love with yourself though. Look at your soul, your personality. Be amazed with yourself. Despite what people say, deep inside you are amazing! :)


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