final meeting

The moral of this “final meeting” is first, to be critical! My supervisor keep on telling me that. “Be critical Nahdya..”. And indeed, that is my weakness :( I just don’t know how to be critical. Uh yeah, I’ll just google it.

Second, my biggest weakness of all time: forgetful! is revealed x( Gosh.. I knew this weakness since I was a teenage. Even my parents realize it. My Dad tough me to remember the incidents I had for a day, every night before I sleep, just to sharpen mind. And mom told me to make note of everything. It’s obvious whose advice I have been taken into account :)).

I was quite nervous when my supervisor asked me to repeat the same process I did to get my result. I was afraid I can’t remember all the steps and where I put all the maps in a short time. It is a-hell-lot of intermediate maps before getting the final maps. He asked me to explain every map, how did I get it, why I did such action, and so oooon. Thank God he’s the most patient, kindest and most caring person in my department (YES, HE IS :p). So he just let me tried to remember everything. And Alhamdulillah everything is remembered. Fiuh.

Third, supervisor is human. They make mistake. They make me confuse then say “I’m sorry for the heck up, and now I’m agree with you”.

After 1,5 hours of fast discussion, nerves, and panicking, that sentence is the only thing you wanna hear from your supervisor. :)


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