Daily motivation

  1. Give thanks for blessings, forgiveness, and having another day to fix my sins,
  2. Go out, give smile to people and get the smile back. It’s that easy to lift up my mood,
  3. Talk to ones I love. Send them pictures to update my condition or just to make them smile,
  4. Cook for others. This is the newest activity that surprisingly I enjoy, especially when people like my cooking,
  5. Hug people. Whenever I get chance, I’ll hug my friend. Or just virtual hug,
  6. Take care of myself. By enjoying shower, putting lotion and make up, and using perfume. Feeling pretty doubles the positive feeling,
  7. Clean up my room. Room determines what inside our head. Cleaning room makes me feel good because I feel like achieving something,
  8. Answer the text & email as soon as possible. By responding it fast, I appreciate people’s time and I accomplish small things immediately.

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