I wish for..

I wish for a porridge yesterday due to my gum ache. Just tonight, I ate the same kind of porridge from my African friend.

I wish for studying a master degree in Europe 5 years ago. 4 years later, I am studying in the Netherlands.

I wish for seeing Eiffel with my own eyes 6 years ago. 5 years later, I am seeing Eiffel with my own eyes.

I wish for working in Ministry of Environment since I was Junior High School. 7 years later, I am working in Ministry of Environment.

I wish for a man who can solve problems more than me, who can answer all my questions like my father does, who has vision, who has plan for life, who can make me laugh, who can take care of me like my father does, who I can rely on if everything goes wrong, who I can ask to pick me up no matter how near or far my position from home like my father does, who prays 5 times and Duha everyday for asking more blessing to his family like my father does, whom I can discuss my every aspect of my life like my father does, who miss me all the time, who love me more than anything in this world like my father does.

But, I think I am asking too much for a man. Because he will never be my father. He will be my partner. And a partner might not do what a father able to do. Just like a woman. She will never be a mother for her partner. Those father-daughter or mother-son will never be replaced by anything in this world. Their love are unconditional and eternal. But that relationship doesn’t work with partnership. They trade something for their life: Commitment.

Although I never think about that anymore, but once I wish that type of man. And I still remember those “criteria” as clear as crystal when I wrote them down.

Indeed, my mom is right. “What you fight for a man is different kind of fight for your other dreams. It’s just different. You don’t fight for a man, because he will come. In the right time. He just comes.” :”)


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