All negative feeling should go out from our heart. Unfortunately, some people will always find someone to be mad of, to be blamed at, to point on. Either they know the person well or even never been met. Either it is a real mistake or not at all. Either they understand the problem or just have assumptions.


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  1. lubbibbu January 29, 2013 / 11:20 pm

    The other day a person I know got irritated at someone on who wrote on facebook that she was in pain from surgery, but she didn’t want to tell what kind of surgery she had done. The irritated person said that it was unnecessary to write it at all in that case, because people get irritated if she doesn’t tell what kind of surgery it was. It sounded like the people that get irritated are not as responsible for their irritation as the person who wrote on faebook about the pain. We (people in general) don’t want to let go of the anger when it manifests and that is a main problem. And it makes us look always outwards, never inwards. :/ I feel that it is better to observe the anger instead and ask for its disintegration in some way. It disappears if I truly do that.

  2. nahdya January 30, 2013 / 8:19 am

    Although your suggestion is hard to do. But I agree. It’s like a meditation concept: focus on the negative feeling within and try to see it as same as happy feeling. By doing so, the anger will vanish without hurting others. *Wuush!* But still we have to solve the problem :/

    However it’s easier and faster to point out or blame on something or someone to justify the reason of the anger. It could be a true reason… or not. :D

    • lubbibbu January 30, 2013 / 12:47 pm

      Yes it takes will and strength to do it, because it is painful. At least at first, it feels painful to let anger go, but afterwards much better. And then I think that some people actually want to do it, but don’t know how to. But for me, the without doubt most effective thing has been to see the feeling for what it is, just observe it, and then I see that it is something outside of the core of me, and then in some way (even without words) ask for its disintegration… and then it disappears right there and then or reduces in strength. And then just repetedly do that until it is gone. But the problem is that we are often kind of “absorbed” or identified with the feelings and thoughts that they generate so that they control us very much. :/ It is almost impossible to go against the feelings without seeing them for what they are, because then we are governed by them.

  3. nahdya January 30, 2013 / 6:16 pm

    Yes, indeed it is painful and it takes time. It’s a process to make my heart bigger :D It is one of ways to avoid hurting people, too. Usually it takes 3 days for me to let the negative feeling gone. In the end, I always try to relate with God’s intention to me. So, I can be more positive and just to ease the “surrender” phase :D. And after the negative feeling gone, the solution of that problem is just a matter of God’s will.

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