to: heart

From: me.

This is a forever message to you, heart. I shall repeat as many as you need: Be tough forever. I promise I’ll help as strong as I could to lift you up.

Pernahkah merasa dunia cepat berputar dan merasa kita lama berada di bawah? Setelah berbulan2 mengelola hati yg kian sempit, kian tercemar, saya pikir saya bisa sedikit menjernihkan hati sebentar. Sampai datanglah hari kemarin..

A few hours ago I laughed at the potential minus in bank account. My heart cried for the oh-my-goodness-stuff to be sent home. My mind kept on thinking how’s the health condition of my dad and loved one. And felt suffocated by the unreachable high expectation of having relaxed time longer. Then I started to think “Oh, I’m in down phase.. already?”. I had goosebumps when I laughed about that. Not mentioning the defense preparation, because I haven’t prepared anything yet. I’m occupied by another side of life. Yes.. another side of life that I need to take care of too.

It’s 1:57 am. And I’m wide awake.. I still have one thing needs to be done by tonight for tomorrow is the due date.

I trained myself not to complain that much. But.. since months ago.  I write many things in this blog which is about complaining. NGIK.


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