move forward

If one never wants to gracefully let go the pasts by holding on some things.. some words.. some moments.. or some habits.. (Based on my experience), he/she will not go further than he/she was. And I can’t help them with that issue.

Apparently we like good moments, good feelings, good friends, good ex(s), good affairs from the past. Indeed, we cherish them by remembering them in our daily life by doing the same things.. using the same words.. creating the same moments.. or repeating the same habits. I know, cos I did it too back then. But.. at some point.. I learned that I have to let go. I have to do my own things.. create my ownย words.. my own moments..ย and my own habits to move forward. Cos I don’t wanna let my past holds me from move forward or stops the people who love me to move forward with me. Although they are good for my memory, but they are heavy and hurts for the people who love me.

Cheers :)


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