The sensing test and to love myself

As the test said my tendency is an INSTING person: A person who is “good” at SENSING, THINKING, INTUITING, and FEELING, which is basically everything. Among four of my friends who have different result for each person, I’m the one who has the balance of  everything. It’s not that balance actually, but likely balance. But somehow everybody more believe that I have the balance result ;/

If I may conclude.. the positive side of an INSTING person is: I can do a conceptual to detail yet has the ability to feel for people and endure the repeatable work. The negative side is: if I am not focus on what I do best or I like most, I will end up LOST. Funny.. Few months up until few weeks ago, I did describe the situation of my emotion and mind with the same term: lost. I wrote it somewhere in this blog, but I made it private. As I am a girl who like to act like a stronger. Heheh..

I don’t know what is the blessing behind this test. All I can relate is.. when I try to know and love myself, I found myself in the middle of everything I could possibly be. It’s my decision to direct myself to be what I want to be (emm.. still not sure..). Identity crisis due to the ups and downs (and again downs) lately? hahahah. Could be :) 

Maybe I need to go to somewhere with myself. To know myself better. As the old people said “tak kenal maka tak sayang”. :D


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