You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. ― Mae West.

The first thing in my mind about this life lesson is the quality I pursue for running my life. The quality of food to feed myself, the quality of exercise to make my body healthy ( so not me :D ), the quality of sleep I have every night, the quality of laugh with my friends, the quality of love I give to my loved ones, the quality of knowledge I gain and share, the quality of words from my mouth, the quality of good deeds, the quality of connection with God, the quality of moments I capture in camera… basically the quality of everything I do.

I just saw the quality, again, from my friend. She captured the “last” lecture of our class. One of best moments to capture with our course coordinator, before the final day. This is one of examples the quality moment. We wouldn’t have any class an UPM anymore. After this we all will defend ourselves, one by one, for our own hard work, motivation, dream, or whatever we named our last 18 months. So.. this is worth a moment to cherish, share, and.. capture. :)

Oh.. how I want to make most of my days, the best of it.


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