trust God

I talked to the right person before I’m leaving Enschede. She said..

God will help me like every time He did

” A thesis miracles” she concluded. She had a thought that she will fail the defense. Along that miserable moment, she kept saying “God will help me” many2 times. And indeed, God help her. Her thesis is published. “It was unexpected grade. Miracles did happen“.

Trust God. Trust Him always. Trust Him right away you have doubt in life.

If you dare open your heart, you’d better prepare being hurt. People say. If you don’t have enough trust to God, you’ll end up lost in this confusion feeling. That’s how I feel after being a stalker and being stalked for couple of months. Oh, what an overwhelming situation it was. And I have decided to not going back to that habit since I gain confidence for myself. \m/

Now I know.. it’s not the person I don’t trust. But. it’s God. Finally I understand the lesson behind everything I have been through lately. It’s about trusting God all the way. Letting Him to be the decision maker of my life.

Thank you people who teach me in a soft and hard way until I found this lesson. Thank you whoever you are for judging me without knowing who I am :) Thank you my best friend who knew me and taught me without judging :)


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