good updates

Been absence for several days due to the routine and had no chance to in touch with you. I miss you.

I have some good updates. Listen.

1. I’m happy with my new home. I’m happy with everything about it. Alhamdulillah.. :)

2. Buy some new stuffs for my room and decorate it

3. My room has three windows that bring the sunshine in the morning and blow the wind at night.. Ahh..

4. My lumps have been a good boy lately. He’s sleeping.. and is not awaken by anything. Yeay!

5. My new boss is my ex work partner back then and I like him :D

6. Join Yoga and find place for pilates exercise

7. The most pleasure is.. For GOD has lifted my burdens, I feel so much lighter :)

Hehe.. Done with my updates.. now it’s your turn to tell me your stories.


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