the decision


Been a while not writing and monitoring the diary. Apparently some people get more and more curious about me by seeing almost all my posts last week. Well, go ahead. Hope you get benefit from monitoring my writings consistently. Like I want to write about a new project for my life.

Ok. So, it started when I have finished my master degree in the Netherlands. I was thinking about giving more than asking more which basically means feel enough and give more. I was motivated from my realization that all my biggest dreams has come true: Working in Ministry of Environment and Studying in Europe. Then I made a little decision to give more. The first thing I did after having that decision is I changed my motto in this diary and in twitter from “the environmentalist – in the making” to “a grown up who learns to give more”. Yes, that is the phylosophycal reason behind it.

Then, months passes as I went back home. I’m occupied with work, family, and love life. Obviously I forget about my “noble” thought until my best friend came to me with her book “The Happiness Project”.

Inspired by her story and some of the first pages in the book (I haven’t finished reading it, of course), I remembered about my decision and start a project called “the blessing project”.

Not like the other decision I take, I don’t do many research about this. I just wanna do it. I will learn during process. I will. This decision InsyaAllah will not harm anybody or myself. Not like money investment that has potential risk of this and that.. This is just a pure willingness to thank God after all the tremendous things.

To start, as the book said, I need to have principles to guide me along my process, a measurable goal so I can evaluate and monitor my performance, and the time frame to do it.

Let’s start with a set of principles draft to guide based on my experiences and believes:

  1. Be out of the system every time problem comes
  2. Have a sight that look beyond what it’s seen
  3. Have a hearing that listen beyond what it’s heard
  4. Have a thought that think beyond what happened
  5. Always fix the inner soul first. Always.
  6. Take care of myself by sleep early, eat well, clean the face, and do yoga
  7. Smile often
  8. Distract myself everytime I feel like a robot
  9. Have a pure intention
  10. Treat people the way I want to be treated
  11. When it comes to overwhelmed feeling, breath and see the greeneries.
  12. See the sky to feel that God manages the universe and so my life.

The small goals draft will be:

  1. Be happier
  2. Family comes first
  3. Scholarship information the process of going to the Netherlands
  4. Build others
  5. Charity every once a week

And the time frame is: 6 months. The reason why this short is because this is stillΒ  a test case of self-learning to be consistent and focus on a goal: be a blessing for myself and others. I am quite afraid to have a commitment with my decision. But, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

I have feeling I need to have indicators whether I have reached my goal or not. Will think about it later. For now, this is what I need to write. May God always guide me and you as well. Amin YRA.



2 thoughts on “the decision

  1. sicantik July 5, 2013 / 2:17 pm

    the universe works with you sweetheart :)

    • nahdya July 6, 2013 / 3:36 pm

      Amiiiin YRA :*

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