small moments

The first goal

As my first goal in blessing project is to be happier, then I should define precisely what makes me happy and what I should do to be happier. This is my compilation of findings and lessons from my and others’ experience life. Many times I passed the life exam and got the lesson to learn, but I rare write it down what I had learnt. Think wise, I want to share what I have learnt. I want to be useful. I want to be a blessing.

So, as I have thought about my indicators, I will pick up each of my goal and make the indicators from it. The indicators are not based on neither scientific nor serious research, just a set of points that I think I will able to reach my goal by following them.

Here we go.

To be happier

I need to know how it feels to be sad, down, and broken, before I know what is happiness. For 20 years of my life, I was living in happy circumstances, until one day I said to my friend “I’m worried of my life. I have everything perfect; family, boyfriend, friends, and education. I’m worried if God doesn’t love me. This is just too perfect”. Not long after that, my life’s changed. I had one condition that makes me have both side of life: good and bad. Then I regret that I ever said that kind of stuff. Hahah. So watch your mouth and be really careful with your thoughts. :p

I believe happiness can be divided into two categories: big moment and small moment of happiness. The big moment is like when I get the dream job and my Europe dream has come true. While the small moment means the daily routines that makes me happy for no reason, such as cleaning my room, relaxing on my bed, and going home early from office.

It is the thing you do every day that is important, not once in a while, said the Happiness Project Book.

For me, these are the routines that make me happy if I do or have it:

  • A clean and tidy room – I can’t leave my room messy before going to work.
  • A clean, tidy, and smells-good outfit –I have soooo many procedures to wash my clothes. It’s a bit overly procedures, but who wants the shirt changed its colour because you mix the red-ish colour with the blue-ish colour? Well, I don’t want that. :p
  • A good body smell. – I prefer a perfume than a set of make-up. I will be less confident if I don’t spray any perfume than I don’t wear any make up. Very rare that I bring make-up but I never forget to bring any perfume. ;)
  • Music – I can’t work concentrate without music.
  • Smile – Some people fight a hard battle already. Be nice
  • Turning on my fancy lamps, scented candles, and massage my feet and hand with baby oil before going to bed – It’s time to relax. Give myself a reward after accomplishing today’s work.
  • Small help – As I spend most of my time interacting with people in the office, thus to give help mostly is based on work tasks. BUT what makes me really happy is when people ask for my help in the other domain, such as life, scholarship, or serving them like picking up and making them a cup of any drink.
  • Small compliments – I observe, I live in a situation where the people still feel inferior about themselves, like shy, unconfident, and other thing related to low self-esteem. So, they protect themselves by lying, defending, and cheating. Small compliments help them to feel good about themselves and they’ll be braver to open their heart, to say something good, moreover, to say the truth.
  • Driving – I can do anything while driving; thinking, screaming, singing, crying, making a phone call, and contemplating.
  • Texting with my loved ones – I can’t stand being separated with them, in space and time. They are the energy source of mine.
  • Cleaning my face – I can’t describe how satisfy I feel doing this ritual. Giving soft massage and rubbing my face.

As long as I can do some of these every day, I could be happy. But the question is.. how to be happier? I think the answer is: Do this more often. Do more items every day. Do every items every single day (except for washing my clothes :p).

We should be happy inside to spread our happiness outside. Cos we cannot give what we don’t have, can we? 


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