dealing with people

Hi again!

Here I’m writing after attending a meeting that quite irritates me. The problem is not in the meeting itself, but in me. The meeting takes time too long, and I’m tired of it. Yes, sometimes I tend to create the problem within myself, such as I don’t take the idea whole heartedly so I feel reluctant to be in the meeting. As I begin to observe my inner system everytime I feel problem or I see one, I start to realize that my inner system needs to work on these subjects: a stable, pure, and surrender system. In the other hand, I feel good because I know I have formulas on how to boost my energy to be happier (at the previous writing: the small moments). Well, I can tell you. It works well.. really well. Thank God.

The up level challenge after fixing the inner soul is how to deal with the outer system, or in my case, people. I think dealing with people is the life time challenge that will be faced by human. Some people really know how to get my nerves, how to make me feel so low, so on and so forth. So, here are my ways to deal with difficult people, or simply who irritate me :
1. Always try to see the situation from the others’ perspective. In this way, I can avoid many unnecessary problems due to the situation of misunderstood.

2. Talk in a way the way they talk. This method is called mirroring. People tend to feel attracted to another who has the similarity with them, such as the way they talk or the words that they use or the topic they like to talk.

3. Since I can’t respond all the jokes and I refuse to do so, I will defend myself in a situation if someone already cross my tolerance level. For the one who makes joke of me over and over again, the one who doesn’t answer my question properly, and the one who talks behind my back, I will make a defence. A serious defence.

4. Give time for myself to heal. Don’t rush the accepting process of any negative emotions that come from outside. I find the acepting process is really important because I often feel dissapoint on a situation that already happened. Thus, instead of refusing what already passed, I better focus on accepting and moving forward.

5. Ignore the people who want to bring me down, purpose or unpurposely. I won’t waste my energy to respond them.

If those are not working.. I will definetaly leave for a while. Clearing my head and fixing my heart. After all, I am the one who should take care of myself when I’m sad, right? :)


One thought on “dealing with people

  1. sicantik July 19, 2013 / 4:09 am

    pukpuk… susah ya jadi orang gede

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