I’m writing this at the airport while waiting for my plane for the next 2,5 hours. I got a great view after a long walk inside the waiting room, I need to charge my laptop. I just realize after crossing several plugs that were full, Indonesian people (including me) have high dependency on their gadget: phone, tablet, laptop, music player, portable game, you name it. But finally I got a seat where I can see the trees and sky clearly. There’s always light after a long dark walk ;p

So, what is about focusย to me?

Trying to run this project with certain corridors that manifested into actions according to my and other’s experiences, I find that this way is really helpful. All my energy and mind are concentrating to the goal I want to achieve. Then, I realize it’s not a new thing for me. I’ve been this focus when pursuing the scholarship, thesis, job. The difference is now I try to concentrate more in giving to people around me, my environment, and system outside myself.

The rule is still the same: Focus on the goals and principlesย but not forgetting my happy-self. For example:

  • Every time I feel sad about something, I will remember my 11 rules how to be happier and start cleaning my face :p.
  • Every time someone ask for my help and I feel so lazy on helping him/her, then I remember that I want to give any information/help other than my office tasks.
  • When I grump about the parking man who suddenly come for money when I want to leave the parking lot but he’s absence when I try hard to find a parking for myself, then I remember to give charity once a week.
  • And now, every once a week I call my dad, mom, and grandmother just to say hi and share some stories because I have a goal on to put my family first.
  • To give smile, compliments, freedom, and courage to persons around me are part of my goal on to build others.
  • And lastly, I still try to keep my target for this Ramadhan on finishing reading Quran. That target keeps me focus on not to do the seductive activities such as watch movie or hangout.ย But still, I’m a bit pessimist about this target. :(

So, having goals or target keeps me focus on what’s the important thing in life (for a some period of time).

And if all things go sooooooo wrong, these are my two best ways to run from bitter reality: go sleep or go out.

:D :D :D


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