the first hard task

I’m not intending to do one goal each month then go to the next goal, but rather I want to do all the goals everyday and focus on one goal each month. So, as this is the second month, I would like to focus on the second goal: family comes first.

First of all let me tell you a story of my regular vacation during Eid. My family and I usually go to my grandma’s house out of town and after that we will visit our relatives in another two different cities. We travel by car. A long, tiring, and sometimes fun journey :p. However, it’s already two years in a row we didn’t visit our grandma. Last year, my brother’s family gather at my parents’ house and I was still in NL. This year, my parents’ condition is not possible to travel far by car. So, here we are, only me and my parents celebrate the first Eid at home.

I am so happy that the fact I’m not facing my relatives who will ask “when will you get married? etc.”. Personally, I don’t like to be asked like that by my relatives who never talk to me and out of the blue ask that question. Seriously :) But weeellll, it’s their right to ask anything. And it’s my obligation to answer it as polite as I can. :)

And how if that question comes from my parents? Asking the question that I don’t want to answer it yet, but I should.


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