what kind of person I want to be

The second thought hit me in the middle of the day and I LOVE it. :)

I believe personality can be expanded, modified, and strengthen. Why not? I mean for better personality of course.

Ok, let’s go to the point. I want to be more than who I am now. The next question is what kind of personality I want to expand or add? Then my question stopped there, clueless. Haha. There are too many good personalities out there that I don’t have, and of course I don’t need to have it all. :D

Again, in my conversation with the same person I’ve told in the previous post, he suggested me to open The Holy Qurán. He said that our Prophet Muhammad AS is the best model of human kind, then read The Holy Quran and see him as everlasting role model. Be a kind of person that is loved by God. 

Having this conversation is such a blessing. :’)

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