why happiness matters

Writing is the first thing I like to do in Monday morning. After a busy/lovely/sad weekend I always have something to share on Monday the things I’ve been thinking all weekend. And this weekend I thought about three things: Why happiness matters, what kind of person I wanna be, and what is the meaning of a marriage for me.

I’ll share about the first thought first: why happiness matters.

This idea is not from me but my friend whom I traveled with out of town. Our conversation started from a small discussion then reached the deep one. Indeed, I’m expecting this kind of discussion with him.

Why happiness matters?

There will be life after death which is a reflection of our deeds in this world. By being happy or making some people happy we (hopefully) are neither hurting anyone nor ourselves… You are not hurting anybody, not even yourself… Not even myself.Β 

My mom once said, “don’t enjoy being gloomy too much, enjoy the happy moment more” when she saw me sitting in our terrace and thinking so much. I can see I was hurting myself, which I shouldn’t did, which I should have changed.

Why happiness matters?

It’s about creating the positively happy life now and in the life after death. :)


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