what’s a marriage for me

SO. After uncountable questions asking me when will I get married. After a long discussion with parents, brother, sister and best friends about when I should get married, with whom I should married with, and what is life like after married. After uneasy relationship journey. Then I started to think. What is a marriage for me.

*I have time to think about it because maybe I’m not married yet and not much thing to do after work :D

I’m sure a marriage is more than love between two persons. It’s a commitment.

A commitment to each other. forever.

Then my next question is: How can I keep my commitment forever?

I must love him for a big reason.

I must commit to love him for God. 

Why for God?

Because in a marriage there are LOTS of goodness.

Because being married means a complete merit.

Because it’s a God’s command.


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