Parents, be responsible of who you are. Take care of your children as they come to this world from you. Don’t take them for granted. Ask sorry if you make mistakes to them. Listen to them when they tell stories. Stop complaining about how life give you bad treats and see your children as one of them. Don’t yell to your children. Don’t let your children do whatever they want in their childhood phase. Direct them. Change yourself.Β Create them to be much better than you. Have a full awareness that being parents is a HUGE responsibility. TAKE THAT RESPONSIBILITY SERIOUSLY. Say good things to your children so they know how to say good things to others. Tell your children which one is right and wrong. But first, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHICH ONE IS RIGHT AND WHICH ONE IS WRONG. Read books about parenting, children psychology, nutrient for kids, the Al-Quran, or ANYTHING THAT CAN HELP YOU RAISE YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Have that knowledge first then love your children by doing things the books said. DON’T ABANDON your children in any situation. Don’t see things only with your perspective, USE THEIRS’ TOO. Don’t be too hard with them. Don’t blame them because you are incapable of teaching them.

Because you might not know the wound in your children’s soul you cause by being irresponsible.


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