to leave

It’s much easier to leave when you’re angry or upset about situation or someone. Because it justifies why you shouldn’t be there or be with that person anymore. Maybe after that, you’ll find it easier to forget. Because the negative situation is always a strong reason.

But if you are in a clear mind and you decide to leave, maybe you’ll face the hard phase afterward for leaving the happiness behind. Indeed, it’s harder to make decision when you’re in a normal situation, because in a normal situation you tend to forget the reason you should go.

It’s pretty normal to leave when you angry or sad. But it’s better to decide something with a clear mind and a clean heart. Because you know the consequences and the trade you make with your decision.Β And if you dare enough to leave in a normal condition, fully aware of what you gonna lose, and you still pray for the situation or the person to get better then every effort will be worthwhile.


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