small programs

As one of the goal in my blessing project is to have a program in some period of time, I’d like to talk about the program that I’ve set and done. The first program is a program to khatam reading Quran during Ramadhan month. Although I didn’t reach the goal to finish 30 juz within 30 days, but thank God I reached the juz of 20th. For me it’s an achievement. I never determined to read Quran intensly during Ramadhan. So, I hope the last Ramadhan was better than before :)

The second program I tried to make is to visit museum in my city. Oh well.. I don’t like museum. Museum was never been in my list to be visited whenever I travel. For me, museum was boring. In addition, I hate the history subject at school. But as I want to have many perspectives in life, the easiest way to do is reverse the habit. :D. And here I am. Have visited 5 museums within a month! I’m surprised I can bear the visit. :D

The lessons I got from having this goal are I really do get many insights, knowledge, and learn new things which open my mind. I also can endure my flexibility of what I like and I don’t like. The best impact is this habit keeps on going with me. I keep reading Quran everyday and every time I read news or subject related to history, somehow the connection starts to make link from what I’ve learned when I visited museums. I think that’s a good habit to keep.

While my job is becoming busier and my mind is occupied by unimportant things, I want to make a new program. I am interested in doing yoga regularly.. like everyday. 


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