Life’s beautiful

One day, a friend of mine expressing her feeling about life.. at the end she said “But, I love life. Life is beautiful”. Believe it or not I don’t understand what she’s talking about when she said “Life’s beautiful”. Indeed, I read it everywhere, I hear it so many times, yet I don’t understand. It’s not that I’m not thanking God for everything.. I’m grateful beyond words of what God have given to me and I really feel I’m His most beloved one :). I feel He gives me more than I expected for myself. But life’s beautiful? I just don’t get it.

Sometimes that question popped in my head and I tried to dig deeper.. Maybe it’s the life wheel that I misunderstood. Maybe I was wrong in putting my focus. Maybe I have to use more logic than feeling. Maybe I have to read more The Holy Qur’an. And another maybe this and that.

One day, my man told me about how fights or argues will just make life no longer beautiful.

And I’m a bit surprised.

The persons who see that life is beautiful are the cheerful, light, easy lo laugh, have a good sense of humor, very religious, and logic ones. They have similar characters and they see that life is beautiful. :)

And I’m so relieved to know how to see the beautiful things in life from my closest ones. They never tell me how, but they show me how.

I’m thanking you two, dearests. :)

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