Send me postcard

“I love postcards for sentimental reason.

Many things these days are satisfyingly instant. Thanks to technology, things like views and/or moments are easily captured, cropped, edited, filtered, tagged and sent to the world, all in less than five minutes – in fact, I know one who can do it in seconds.

While postcards, oh, they’re different! They’re one of the old-fashioned ways to share views and/or moments, but they first have to be sought, and then bought, and then written on and then stamped and sometimes, oh sometimes, mailboxes have to be found.

So then why put so much effort when technology can enable us to do something easier? That really is the point.

In this era of the “post” button, I think effort is beautiful and a lot more meaningful. And if you have people who are willing to make time and put some efforts for you like that, you better treasure them. For these very days, they are rarities.”

-Nadya Saib



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