The right person

Everything will fall in to order at the right time, with the right person.

Keep on improving your skills, exploring your interests, evaluating your life, and loving yourselves.

The right person will come when you busy doing that stuff. :)

You might be not at your best look, or give your best respond, or understand your feeling when the right person comes. But the right person will help you bring out the of you. He will choose to see the positive sides of you, and focus to help you raising from the point you both meet.

He’ll not compare you to any other woman. He’ll say love words, listen to your stories, feel sad when you sad. He’ll show that you are the priority in his life: he’ll call you before you sleep, text you to let you know you’re still in his mind no matter how busy he is, answer to your text right away, pick you up everywhere you want, answer your stupid questions and he’ll not be bothered with your jealousy.

Whatever he does for you, he’ll never complain about it. He’ll make you feel secure. He solves the problem by asking your opinion. :)

When the right person comes, everything back then makes all perfect sense.


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