A blog that changed my life

It’s the 1000th writings on my blog. I never expected something from this blog at the first time I made it, but it did. It changed my whole life. :)

I remember I made this blog to join WWF blog competition about something related to environment. I made this blog when I was studying my bachelor degree. It was like 10 years ago. It’s quite long time ago. :)

As I kept on writing, I didn’t use the blog for what I planned it to be: a blog about environment. But it turned out to be a very personal writing. It’s like a digital diary. Well, it’s more than that actually. It’s like my best friend when I can’t say a word.

This blog is not meant to be read by anybody, but me. I didn’t write about important informations, knowledge, product review, or anything useful for some people who read my writings. This blog is meant for me to evaluate my life, to write down life lesson, to keep the important information that I find very good (for me), to share my own deep thinking & (very) sensitive feeling, or just to throw the sh*t out of my mind.

My writing was getting more intense when I was working in the first few years. Oh, that was like hell at the office. I need to “purify” my life by getting out the negative minds by writing. And it worked well for me back then. It worked so well that I can transform my anger into lesson. That’s what the meaning of success for me: to gain the life lesson through positive life.

The highest frequency of my writing was when I studied my master degree. So many times this head is stucked and refused to work before writing on my blog about anything I felt at that time. In addition, the internet connection was super fast and the problems I faced were super tiring. This blog always offer me an favor.

I never published publicly about my blog except to my parents because, like I said in the beginning, it’s very personally trashy. No one will understand what I wrote. No one will interested either. That’s what I thought.

But, my statistic said differently. Some people did read my writings. Some people who never showed up, but some did show in my comments.

Then I started to know who read my writings, they are my best friends, office friend, curious people who want to know about my life, or just strangers.

My Dad always remind me to not talk to stranger. And I did obey his words, until the man who changed my life came. It’s a magical phase when I was trying to be brave to meet a stranger that I knew from my blog.

And it’s him. He, the one who I’ve been waiting for, came into the first time as a reader of my blog. He, the stranger my Dad always warn me to avoid to talk to, commented my writing about the rainbow I saw in my city. He, the characters I’ve been dreaming to lead my life, knocked my heart’s door exactly after I cleaned all the mess I had. It was really the time when I closed my heart, and he politely asked me to come in.

So, in this 1000th writing, I would say that this blog has changed my life. It’s where the first time for me and my future husband met. By reading my writings, he slightly knew who I am, and so did I. That’s what makes us connected for the first time. Alhamdulillahirrabbilallamiin..

Thank you, Whoopie.
Thank you, readers.
Thank you, love.
Thank You, God. You are the Greatest.


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