Before it’s gone

It’s strange for me to know that people who are close with us sometimes take us for granted, treat us badly as if we want to annoy them, and finally regret what they have done when we leave them.

What makes us appreciate more of what God has given to us? What makes us feel grateful of all the beautiful mind and soul around us? What makes us prioritize the people who really love us?

Isn’t weird sometimes we talk much nicer to people we just meet? We give more to people who we don’t know? And even sometimes we defend a stranger in front of our own family?

Despite the context of the problem, one should really get the meaning of appreciate what u have until its gone. Because sometimes we don’t have the chance to say sorry for everything. If we do, we might not get the apology. And if we get both: time and apology, we are lucky.

So, we must appreciate more what we have before it’s gone.


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