My parents are planning to move. The plan started since 2011 when the old house in Rawamangun is sold. They plan to spend their times in a less crowded place than Jakarta; Semarang.

Before they move to Semarang, they want to stay in Jakarta until I get married, so all family will be able to gather in our home when the wedding party is held. Then they rented a house in Kayumas. Now, I get married already and they have to move by the end of June.

Some circumstances changed and so did my Mom’s mind. She changed her mind to move to Semarang. She wanted to be close to her kids and grandchild while my Dad preferred to be close to his relatives. Some hard discussions happened.

It was a really tough time for my parents, especially Dad because He had major and urgent matters that need to be done within 2 months: my wedding, sell the land in Semarang, find a new place to live, and move. Not mentioning helping me to move to my husband house in Karawaci. I know it is a huge pressure for him.

I concern about their plans. I always support, help, and pray for them.

They just told me about their “house hunting” experience. Within a week, they have visited almost ten houses which are located far from our house. There are two houses that are nominated by them. But still they will hunt for a better house. They have two weeks left.

May Allah grants my parents patience, strength, easiness, and love.

What makes my heart touched is the action of love that my Dad has to Mom. He sacrifice everything to make Mom happy. My Dad finally agrees with my Mom to move near Jakarta. He puts heart to sell the land in Semarang, to find a new house that my Mom like, and still does his business routine for their daily living. In the end of his story my Dad said “as long as Mother happy, I will be okay.”



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