Cacing dan Kotoran Kesayangannya

I find a book that change my way of thinking.. And habit. It is entitled: Cacing dan Kotoran Kesayangannya (part 1). It is a very recommended book for anyone who wants to be happy and more calm to go through life. It is a book for everyone.

Some points that make me change are:
1. The author teaches us to release any negative feelings by expect nothing.
2. Not to angry to anybody because it’s unwise.
3. Possesion of stuff is like a manifest of life. The more we posses, the more we are able to keep unnecessary thoughts in our mind and feeling in our hearts. Free your possesion of clothes, bags, shoes, etc to train yourself to let go unnecessary thoughts or feelings.
4. The fear of the future can be stopped when we realize that the future is a mystery. Be optimistic. Embrace the future.
5. Try to always see a bigger picture in any problem. Then a better picture will come.

Those are some values that fit in me. Maybe not for others. Maybe not for the future. But for now, I feel better when I expect nothing, reduce my possession for stuffs, choose to embrace the future (whatever it may be), and see a bigger picture in every problem. But I still working on my temper especially to the unprofessional people and when I’m driving. Huh.



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