We represent our values

We represent our values that come from parents, environment, childhood, school, experience, and most of all, we represent our religion.

That is why we should represent the best of ourselves.

We can know how a person is grown up, lived, or made friends with by how he uses his words, treats a woman, and how he apologizes.

We lose respect to some people who tell lies, say bad words, and joke to hurt others, don’t we?

What’s worse than becoming a jerk? We represent the religion we profess. We represent as a bad example of our religion.

Have a heart to learn Islam and you’ll see that Islam is beautiful in all ways. All ways.

With all the attributes that come with us, maybe we think we’re smart enough to face the world without learning about our ultimate life and hereafter guidance, Al-Quran and Hadits. And yes, we indeed are smart enough to face the world without them. But, can we really survive, get deeper faith, and be better without them? I believe we don’t.

The more I read about Muhammad SAW stories, the more I feel being slapped in my face about what I have done. I represent my values which some of them are wrong. That makes me sad and also motivates me to learn more about Islam.

To have a goal to have place in Jannah is another long way goal to set. Hope husband and I, together with our families are guided to reach such goal. Amin.


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