A robot

Lately I feel like a robot. Not in term of has-no-feeling-like-robot, but in term of work. I feel good at completing tasks, but not at developing ideas. I feel good at thinking logically at work, but not at finding new path for business. I feel good at excelling job, but not giving delegation as part of team work.

Don’t know exactly how I could be like this, but it’s me, until today.

Now, I’m trying to find new path of my life. I want to explore the human in me through creating something by my hands.

I put my yoga mat back and rehearse everyday. In my life, I want to do sport. A sport that can help not only my body, but my mind & soul too. That’s why I prefer yoga than other physical sport.

I want to have a business. A business that is originally by me, made by my hands. Still wandering.

I want to have social activities from the books I have. A mini cafe with books will be great.


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