A guy who doesn’t have mobile phone

Yesterday I worked with an old guy who doesn’t have mobile phone. He’s very old, maybe his age is around 65 years old. Neither he lives in a rural or suburban area, he lives at the heart of Yogya. He works at the most prestigious university in Yogya, UGM. Particularly, he works at the laboratory of the most famous faculty in UGM: Faculty of Geography. Yet he doesn’t have mobile phone.

I was surprised when I knew the guy who will assist us on the field cannot be reached by phone but with an appointment where we will pick him up.

During the lesson, I paid attention to him. He looked very calm. He listened carefully to what we said. And along the way to the field, he just sat in a car and looked out of the window, silently. Once he talked, he gave information about something. He didn’t joke or tried to make conversation. He just sat, mindfully.

I can’t imagine in a busy city like Yogya, someone can leave the possession for. not having a mobile phone.

Somehow, I Thank him for teaching me something.

Thank you, Mr. Samsudin :)

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