When they get old

One day my Dad said to me he lost his weight because he was stressed out about moving.

Another day my Mom called me to say she has problem with her breath. “maybe because I’m already old” she said.

Everything is changed. The way they move, they think, they feel about their body. They become more sensitive, they can’t move fast, and what we often forget is they can’t think clearly like 10 years ago.

But sometimes, we still can’t accept that old people only get older. At one point they will lose us as their children because of what? We’re married, we have new friends, we have what we called “little family”.

But, parents are still parents. The ones who would trade anything for their children, even their life.

One thing for sure, parents are human too. They make mistakes, they’re confused, and they can be wrong when they feel (too) low.

People who forgive them every time they make mistake are the people who really care for them. People who stay beside them when they made bad decision are the people who believe in them and still think “It’s just confusing phase for them, and I will help them”. People who always stay and stand strongly beside them are truly their lover.

And please, parents are getting older and weaker every single day. While we’re getting stronger, faster, and smarter every single day. Hope we can see the gap and treat our parents more nicely.


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