God will take care of everything

I was stressed out about my work while I accompany my Mom at the hospital. I opened my laptop and worked on the floor. Right in front of me is the bottle of liquid that came out from my Mom’s lungs. Above me is the infusion bottle that flow in my Mom’s vein. While the nurses keep coming to check my Mom’s temperature, blood tension. asking how many times she drinks, pees, and how she feels about her body, her breath. I felt peace that I can accompany her and helped my Dad. I felt a little bit panic that I have so much work to do before I move to Tangerang. But, I kept on working anytime I had time at the hospital; when my Mom’s sleeping or when family comes to visit her.

Today at the office, suddenly all that work came in front of my face. I was busy right after I came into the room. In the middle of that blood rushing moment I remember my Mom, and can’t handle myself. Then I cried, watched by my friends and collegue.

My friends came near to me and said “Go buy ticket. It’s a priority to accompany your Mom. Let us take care of your work.” and another friend said “Let’s have lunch together and have chat!” Along the way they told funny stories, and I can feel their good intention. I really can feel their love. Alhamdulillah..

On our way back to the office, my boss asked the driver to pass the street near his house to show his children’s school, to show bank sampah near his house, to show pesantren around. “Before Nahdya leaves me, I want to show you this.” he said after we saw all the locations he wanted to show. “I didn’t meet you for a week, and I missed you. How will it feel if you leave?” my boss said to me. I just laughed.

I had an intense conversation with the consultant. I know I have so many homework. Out of the blue he said “Let me do your work. Just give me the format, I will email to you tonight or tomorrow morning.” Oh.. my heart bursted into tears and I said thank you many-many times.

And when I wanted to decide should I take plane or train, I called my husband and he said “if you leave from Yogya at night, take the train. Mom will be sleeping by the time you come and the plane is delayed all the times at night. So train is better. Then you can take the first flight from Jakarta. Do you have money? I miss you.”

I laid my head on my Mom’s leg, and I cried. She looked at me and put her hand on my head. “It must be for the best. Don’t cry.” She said peacefully.

You know, sometimes you just need to have faith in situation like this. When you don’t know how to accompany your loved ones, when you know that the hospital will not help you with the insurance, when you know you still have problem at work. You just need to keep trying hard to have faith to God in situation like this.

I love you, Mom. I’m sure God will take care of you.

Get well soon, Mom.


2 thoughts on “God will take care of everything

  1. sicantik October 23, 2014 / 6:32 am

    yang kuat ya nad :(

    • nahdya October 26, 2014 / 12:04 am

      Thank you, cantik :) ❤️ btw, urusan bisnis kita belum selesai yaaa

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