Make each day counts

We are waiting for the result of my Mom’s test lab. We had it already from Carolus Hospital, but we did again at Dharmais Hospital because we plan to take Dharmais as my Mom’s medication.

All my energy goes straight to my Mom’s health; time, money, thinking, emotion, love.

It’s definately a hardest time for me.

But, as always, God has been very kind and loving to my life. I have many chances to taking care of my Mom after I move here. I have a very understanding husband who gives me a total freedom whenever I want to stay at my parents’ house. I have a father who never gives up to accompany my Mom. I still have much free time at work so I can use the time to browse for my Mom’s matters.

And the most important is, I have God who always stay in my heart. I know every tears and fears will be a beautiful day, one day.

I love you, Mom. How many times should I say it to you? I will make each day counts for you.


2 thoughts on “Make each day counts

  1. sicantik November 21, 2014 / 11:40 pm

    im speechless. ‘be strong’ and ‘be patient’ are so cliche. i can only send prayers for you. you know… in this difficult time like this I usually forget that God is in control, hope you are not doing the same mistake :) ah but i dont need to worry I know you are way much smarter than me ;p. kisses and hugs :*

    • nahdya November 22, 2014 / 11:03 pm

      Neeeeng.. Thank you for the love, attention, support, and prayer. It means everythiiing for me :’) *hugss*

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