Behind the “black” present

I promise myself to write down the positive things behind the circumstance I’m facing now. Ok, let’s start.

1. I never called my Mom/Dad this often before. I used to call them once or twice a week. But now, I call them everyday. And we become closer.
2. I read, read, and read a lot about foods, drinks, fruits, nutritions, ingridients, suplements, and anything about healthy choice for my mom’s consumption. I become selective with my own food
3. I pray, read quran, yaasiin, ayat kursi, buku doa2, zikir more than before. It means I try to get closer to Allah for strenghten my heart and hope God answer my prayers. Well, I’m sure He will. :)
4. I cherish every single day with it’s uniqueness and beauties. Because a chance to be able to talk with your loved ones is indeed a gift that you would trade anything for it.
5. I am given a chance to dedicate my life for my parents. Thank You for the chance, God. And I try to not fail this for You, God.

That’s the first five positive gifts I found behind this “black” present. I’m so sleepy and can’t think.

Thank you for anybody who always reading. Pray for my Mom, please? 😘


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