Building people

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I don’t know why, I love the sentence of “building people” so much. This sentence fits everything in me. This sentence concludes the lesson the last past years of my life.

I’m talking about building people with active constructive actions/words, not with destructive words/actions.

Once, I had a boss who was so actively destructive in building me. He gave critics, said badly about mostly everyone, easily angry to anyone, didn’t care about what people say, came late to the office and went home early. And you know what happened to me? I hate him. I never like him. I wanted to move out from the office.

Then, I had a new boss. He’s totally different from my first boss. He’s very discipline, caring, loves to read, open-mind, very positive, and humble. He always wanted the staff become a solid team, thus he often asked us to go somewhere/to do something together. I felt comfortable near to him and at the office I just feel like at home.

So, I have two examples of a leader with the same level with very different characters. And now I believe that building people with caring, loving, and sincere attention will last longer or maybe forever.

I believe in building people with positive actions and words, and not by blaming, demanding, gossiping.

I believe in giving compliments than destructive critics. Destructive critics just a big no no for me.

I believe in giving tolerance to people by seeking the positive probability. Although sometimes I give too much tolerance. :p

I believe in giving help on what people’s need most.

I do really believe in kindness.


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