a story to look up

Sometimes people throw away something good
for something better, only to find out later
that good was actually good enough
and better never even came close.

~ Susan Gale ~

In my 37 years of life, 
Wherever I live, 
I always do my best to show my respect 
to the place, the people, my surrounding
It is not easy, it is not at all about rosy feeling everyday
But there is always something good to be grateful for,
that keep my faith, I am in this place for a reason.
And when I leave, 
I leave in peace, be thankful for past memorable years I spent, for my life evolution and lesson.
And I know, I can always comeback and still called it my HOME.

Now I am back in my Bali hometown for 11 years.
I am applying the same philosophy, 
Starting all over that what other people would never thought I can make it, and be where I am now, with what I do now.

There is only one key,
Give the full trust, give the faith
that if you do something good, give something good
The universe around you will react the same.

You may find bumpy road on the way
You may fall on your half journey,
You may find a hundreds reason to give up
But in the end,
You also can give a thousands reason why you should stay 

As simple as that.

And when you have to move on 
The good circle that has been following you
Will be staying faithfully following you.

Have a beautiful Tuesday my Ladies, sending you love from our Bali home ♥


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