Give up on FB

So, finally I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. Again. I’ve been there once, but apparently I couldn’t help not to see my friends on FB :p

I wasn’t a good facebook user. I used it to do unimportant matters, mostly to destract myself when I feel bored about my work. Also I used it to stalk on someone or some people I crave to know who they are or how they live. I used it wrong. :(( I count people who use FB to share good news or sell their products as good FB users :D :D :D Well, I don’t need to mention about the spam news or provocative comments everywhere in the timeline, because I don’t take news or comments seriously from FB. :))

One thing I really like about FB is I can see my international friends or my collegues mates. I miss them so much. That is the ultimate reason I reactivated my FB account.

But this time, redeactivate FB is for a good reason. For a better purpose: not stalking, gossiping, being suspicious, and wasting my time. For a bigger aim: focus on what I do, feel, and think, to know priority, to be more present :) :) So many things happened at once and one of them come from my beloved social media account.

Why I should feel sorry by giving up on something that doesn’t fit me anymore? I left friendster, twitter and everything is fine. I still have Instagram, my new social babe :)) I have you my wordpress reader. I have the coolest Whats’app group namely Lavender Ribbon Cancer Support Group. Oh, yeah all the ladies and guys there are so EMPOWERING! I have a house to take care. And I have a life to live well :) (All these reasons are just excuses for me to not reactivate my FB anymore. :)))))

2 thoughts on “Give up on FB

  1. cetut December 31, 2014 / 10:45 am

    Ah, begitu. Syukurlah, kirain fb Nadnad kena hack.
    Semoga tetep bisa silaturahmi ya lewat instagram sm blog yaa :D

    • nahdya December 31, 2014 / 11:46 am

      Cencuuuuu.. Mmuah!

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